Spiderman hanging off a small canadian flag. in the background there are large sloping shelves filled with comic books.

Cultivating a Healthy Habit of Reading

The Comic Room is located on the side of an old plaza across from Scarborough Health Network General Hospital. There are no big billboards or neon lights calling attention to it; blink and you’ll miss the store when driving by. However, the sign that reads “Books ½ price” is inviting enough to attract curious minds.

a light up five tiered shelf that showcases different clothing items. There are shoes, clothing items, hats, and water bottles.

Beyond threads and trends

By Alyssa Bravo Tucked into the corner of Scarborough Town Centre, AtEaze is a definitively small store. However, it makes up for its smaller scale with eye-catching visuals designed to draw in anyone walking by. The mannequins in the front window are dressed in colour-coordinated outfits; they’re accented with matching duffel bags and backpacks and…

Facing down gun violence

As Metilelu says, “…It’s also a more social group, you have 20 different young men in the space, and they respect each other’s opinions and they respect each other’s feelings.”