Coffee and Clothing: A Community’s Hub Amid Gentrification

Korea had been somewhat of a lonely trip. Zoe Sylvester and his girlfriend, Gabby Ondrade found it hard to blend into the culture on their teaching voyage in 2018. Coming from Winnipeg, Ont., the couple didn’t know the national language, so the language barrier made it hard to interact with the locals and gracefully submerge into the culture.

The Rastaman from the Bush

As Jah moved to Canada to reunite with his mother, he left behind a lot of memories, friends and family in his hometown of Diego Martin in Trinidad & Tobago. We take this journey with him through the troubled relationship with his grandparents that led him to move to Canada and be with his mother. After spending the first few years in Gravenhurst, Muskoka, he established himself as an artist and musician in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto.