Nina Graham, owner of The Tea Room, in Streetsville, shares her insight and experience on keeping the history of high tea alive for modern tea drinkers; no matter your class or attire.

Meara Khanna

Feb. 27, 2020

The Tea Room (in the village of Streetsville, Mississauga), is lined with oak walls, lace curtains and soft coloured pictures of vintage teas, with classical music softly playing in the background. They’ve found the perfect blend of disguising themselves with their own theme, while blending their walls and classical, historical preservation with the actual house it’s built within; the Robinson-Bray house that was built in 1885. 

With an in-house Tea Master, and tea tastings for the staff to have input into their new selections, Nina makes sure to foster a close and caring environment for her staff, which in turn, sets up the same experience for customers. 

A personal favourite of mine to try would be the Assam tea (black tea), paired with the raspberry pie. They have perfect pairings for high tea; from scones, pies, and tarts, to salads, sandwiches, and British-style lunches.