Running Red Pegasus: Audio clip

Rachel Chester and one of her store associates Danielle Macdonald share two memorable interactions they’ve had with customers at the store. The first happened while a customer was finalizing their transaction and the second on a cold winter evening. Rachel Chester and Danielle MacDonald share memorable interactions they’ve had with customers at Red Pegasus.

Cuts and Comfort

The place where all the magic takes place. Seats and mirrors at every corner, ready for people to settle down and get beautified in comfort. (Lucas Reyes/T-dot) By: Lucas Reyes Snip snip, buzz buzz. The sounds of scissors smoothly slicing through hair and clippers shearing heads mixes with the murmur of conversation and spirited laughter…

Storefront of Chocolateria.

The Willy Wonka of Toronto

By Kiarra Swaby The immediate scent of rich cocoa fills the entire storefront as soon as you walk through the door. Hand-crafted chocolate treats and sculptures varying from classic chocolate bars to chocolate truffles are placed neatly on the mismatched shelves, wrapped in clear packaging and ribbon.  A white man wearing a white apron and…