The price to play

Saturday mornings at the Moss Park Arena in Toronto are set aside for the Moss Park Hockey League – a free league with equipment for children in the area who can’t afford to play Canada’s game.

All in the Family

St. James Town Steak and Chops has been open since 1971–but what does it take to run an independent business in an increasingly gentrified area?

The Daily Grind

OldTown Bodega, the posh offset of a quiet street-strip, providing caffeine and trims for the neighbours who come together to form a community.

Compassion for the Grieving

150 people gathered in Moss Park with a message for those starting their day of work in Toronto’s City Hall. They set down Queen Street to deliver it, with placards, tombstones, and roses. They did so in silence, letting memories of lost loved ones speak for themselves. At the front they held a banner that told the world “We Grieve Thousands.”