Get to know some of Toronto’s neighbourhoods better.

These student videos showcase the unique character of some of Toronto’s communities and capture what makes them unique. Explore locations, get to know some of the people who make them up, find out about activities offered, and discover the tastes and flavours that make up the tapestry of the city.




Drop the gloves: Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club

Since starting up the first female-run, all-women’s boxing club in Toronto 23 years ago, Savoy Howe has taught women of all ages, shapes and sizes how to box – including survivors of violence, and people in the LGBTQ2 community. With Howe as the head coach, for these boxers, Newsgirls isn’t just a gym. It’s a place of empowerment and strength

A lookt at Joe Rockhead’s Climbing Gym

Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock-Climbing centre is the only rock-climbing gym in Liberty Village. Throughout it’s 28 years of operation it has fostered a dedicated climbing community. The gym has mounted a strong reputation in the neighbourhood and continue to improve people’s health.


Face to face: The Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market

Open for 17 years, the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market is one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the city. With a focus on organic produce and ethically made goods, the market has offered local vendors the chance to sell year-round.

How is your TTC commute?

Thousands of Scarborough residents rely on public transit every day to get around and across Toronto. Despite concerns from residents, the Scarborough RT and overall efficiency of transit in Scarborough has failed to improve or change to reflect the hardships its residents have had to encounter from inefficient transit for decades.


Scarborough Musical Theater: Mamma Mia!

The Scarborough Music Theatre has been around since 1959, and values friendship and support when preparing for a show. Watch the SMT cast preparing for their newest production of Mamma Mia!

“Get Away from the Loneliness”

Seniors dance club at the Ralph Thornton Community Centre fosters togetherness

Mo Chak created the Tea Club For Seniors in 2003. Ever since, it has become a weekly event that helps the participants not only stay in good shape, but avoid social isolation. It gives them a place to meet others, while expressing themselves through the art of dance.

Toronto students chit-chat and play at board game cafe

In a decade that is chock-full of late 20th century nostalgia, it’s no surprise that board games are having a resurgence. Chit-Chat-Play Food & Games Café is one of the few board game cafes nestled in Scarborough. Just a few stops away from University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus, students who are board game fanatics or just want to have fun with friends are frequent visitors of Chit-Chat.

The business of telling stories

Robin Burgoyne is the owner and head researcher of Caerwent House Stories, an organization aiming to tell the histories of houses, and the people who lived there. She describes the houses she researches as the main characters of a short story, and its generations of inhabitants as sub-characters.

Ink & Water Tattoo artist on the process of getting a tattoo

Ink & Water Tattoo artist Pam Leszczynski takes viewers through what the process is like for clients interested in getting a tattoo. Jordan Vincer, who was drawn to Ink & Water for the rave reviews and talented artists also shares the meaning behind his new ink. Watch the video below to learn more about Ink & Water Tattoo.


Art accessibility at Paperhouse Studio: The artist’s perspectives

Watch a four-minute video showcasing the projects of two paper artists who have benefited from the accessibility to traditional paper art provided in Paperhouse Studio. In addition, these artists speak about how community plays a role in the encouragement of their artistic careers.


Frank Coburn: Insights on Moss Park and Harm Reduction 

Frank Coburn, peer mentor at Street Health, a community nursing foundation in the Moss Park area, says the neighbourhood has always been a working class area, populated with all kinds of marginalized groups but rampant gentrification has driven up the cost of living making it impossible for the average person to live there.

Moss Pak’s Community Centre: Home away from home

The John Innes Community Recreation Centre in Moss Park has acted as a second home to many community members, especially the youth in the area, and offers multiple programs and facilities to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Imperial Rug Galleries: A glimpse at independent Moss Park businesses

Imperial Rug Galleries is another independently- owned business in Moss Park, located at 232 King Street E. in Toronto.

A day at the Moss Park Market

Dustin Stern, a longtime sales clerk and event organizer for the Moss Park Market, speaks to the community building that is so intricately woven into his day-to-day work. In this video, he talks about the daily goings-on of the market, both behind and on the scene.

New immigrant Xiao Zhong on her life in Canada

New immigrant Xiao Zhong explains how her perspective on her life in Canada has changed in the year and half that she has been here.

Hockey Mania with the Toronto Marlies

A Toronto Marlies’ superfan explains why they are so dedicated to the junior hockey team. Since 2005, Liberty Village has been home to the Marlies.

Skating at Moss Park Arena

Jeff Heffern, Moss Park Arena employee for 18 years, shows what his work and the arena is like.

Tyler Chrisman on being George Turell’s mentee

Thorncliffe Park community figure George Turell is important to man young skaters. Mentee Tyler Chrisman explains the importance Turell had on him when growing up.

150 pizzas in three hours

Big Brothers Gourmet Pizza delivers fresh pizzas to local schools every Thursday and Friday. On this hectic day, they received three orders from three different schools. Owner Marshall, or ‘Yousef’ as he prefers, says he makes it a point to deliver the pizzas himself to ensure service quality. He explains what sets his pizzas apart from the other seven competing ones in the area, and how his team works to make 150 pizzas in just three hours.

My Roti Place

A profile and comparison piece of “Reliable Fish and Chips” and “My Roti Place,” two neighbouring restaurants in Leslieville. Are new restaurants allies or enemies with the old restaurants in the area? Watch to find out.

Discover what makes lamb shank so tasty

One of Bread & Salt Afghan Cuisine restaurant’s most popular dish is lamb shank.  Discover more about its wealth of flavour, its distinctive taste elevated by its tender yet buttery bite.

Thorncliffe’s new Starbucks

In September, Thorncliffe Park got it’s first taste of a Starbucks location. Since then, this store has encountered a wide variety of customers from different walks of life. The location is located near two of the largest public schools in the area.

The international love for Bamiyan Kabob

Bamiyan Kabob, nestled between a myriad of small shops and stores, serves as a beacon to lovers of authentic Afghan food. For many in Thorncliffe Park and international food lovers, the restaurant offers a taste of the Middle East with their tasty, freshly prepared, one-of-a-kind meals. Check it out in the video below!

A look at how Seneca College is giving students work experience

Seneca College give its students opportunities to get some hands-on work experience while in school.